steve 2013 06 15 21 27 30 UTC 2014 10 11 20 43 20 UTCWebsdezined offers web design to clients throughout the Greater London, Kent and Surrey areas.

The company, which is located in Bromley, was originally established in 2000, in the USA, before moving back to the UK in 2009 and has many years of experience in the web design profession.

Helping clients to create an effective web site in a timely manner, the company provides businesses and organisations with a professional presence on the internet. Using the best Content management system, Joomla and expert staff, the services are designed to give companies an impact on the web.

Websdezined currently has clients in the Orpington, Hayes and Coney Hall areas and is seeking to expand it's UK client base.

Websdezined has a growing network of clients, located in the UK, including local businesses, amateur dramatics societies etc. Websdezined also has a number of designs for clients in the USA Central East Illinois region, including churches, local government and businesses.

The company was founded by Steve White who has worked in the internet and web design business since 2000. Steve White is more than able to look after the company, having previously managed a training, computer based training and web design team at the Bank of England and managed Tigerpaw internet service provider.

The firm develops a comprehensive range of web sites, including e-commerce and content management systems. Meeting individual's specific needs, the products are particularly suitable for businesses, organisations and individuals and can be easily maintained by the client.


So, if you would like a FREE consultation, please contact me on +44 20 8462 2832 or email me by clicking here.

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